Megalith Teach You How To Play Godslayer: Rise Of Legends

February 12, 2013 by brennon

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The Megalith Games Godslayer: Rise of Legends Kickstarter has so far raised over Β£15,500 and it's still climbing. However they still need a little bit more to hit their goal.

Nordgaard & Troglodytes

If you have an interest in this game then you want to check out the gameplay videos above which go into the rules and play of Godslayer, giving you a bit of a crash course. Maybe once you've watched it you'll consider going over to Kickstarter and pledging!

All of this is in aid of creating their rulebook for the German market and hopefully widening the player base for this game.

There are a variety of different pledge levels to choose from and most of them contain models like the ones you can see below, which are pretty ace looking.




Wyldfolk of Annyr


And if these models have activated your shiny syndrome then you can check out videos about each of the different factions on the Megalith Games Youtube Page.

There is some seriously fun fluff in this universe and each of the factions has a nice distinctive quality to them. Go check it all out.

Have you pledged to Godslayer?

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