Megalith To Unleash The Mighty Banebrood Cyclops Soon

July 3, 2013 by brennon

Megalith are continuing to add to the Godslayer line with a look at the Banebrood Balescorch Cyclops. This towering warrior will be smashing aside all those who try and stand between it and its prey...

Banebrood Cyclops

Above you can see the 3D render of the beast, holding a statue that he has probably pulled from some sacred ruins. The creature has a bucket of life points and because of this will draw a lot of attention on the battlefield.

Any lesser mortals will also be fleeing in terror from this hulking brute as he also causes horror. And let's not forget the Beholder style death ray it can fire from it's singular eye.

Standing at 85mm will you be getting one?

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