Megalith’s New Megaliths Get Rocking Druid Style

September 1, 2013 by dracs

When it comes to spell casting in Megalith's world of Godslayer the Druids of the Wyldfolk of Annyr have serious rocks. Literally!

Godslayer Ogham Megalith

It's nice to see Megalith release something which truly lives up to their name.

These standing stones tap into the natural leylines of the world and can be used by druids to channel their spells through at a safe distance or store action tokens for later use. They even generate an energy field, providing protection for all troops within a 5 inch radius.

The best thing about these new standing stone models is that provide a nice, stylish piece of terrain for anyone trying to create a nice Celtic style setting for their battlefields. I can certainly picture them turning up among the Circle Orboros of Hordes.

Do you need to tap into the leylines?

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