The Mortans Of Godslayer Serve In Life And Death

July 10, 2013 by brennon

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Godslayer has some fascinating factions and one of those most interesting are the Mortans. The Mortans are essentially Romans mixed in with a bit of necromancy and the latest soldiers, the Legio Mortum, are examples of service in death.

Legio Mortum WIP

The Legio Mortum are a regiment of dead soldiers ripped from the afterlife to continue their service. These fallen soldiers could be deemed fallen fools by their comrades but with a little bit of magic they get to fight once more and regain some honour even in death.

The Mortan range is right up there with the best and these soldiers are a deadly addition to the cause. They are incredibly resilient and a perfect blocker unit in your games.

Are the Mortans for you?

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