Begin To Track With Godslayer’s Wyldfolk Scabhta Hunters

September 3, 2013 by brennon

Megalith Games are adding to the forces of the Wyldfolk of Annyr with some Scabhta Hunters. See what you think of these stealthy individuals dwelling in the shadows of the forest.

Wyldfolk Scabhta Hunters

"Scabhta Hunters are at home in most any terrain, and are able to dart through forests with their Wildwalker ability. Their most effective usage is to deploy them to the rear, near difficult terrain, through which they can retreat from closing melee fighters. Boosted by a Farfarer and certain druidic spells they are a devastating missile unit."

I quite like the look of these three and they have mixed in well with the Celtic design and feel of the Wyldfolk. I like the one leaning forwards taking her shot and the one kneeling, as if tracking or hiding. The leaping one is more dynamic for sure but I'm not a fan of the stance.

If you're a sneaky Wyldfolk player will you be buying these ladies?

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