Wield the Forces of Nature With Godslayer’s Druid

April 29, 2013 by dracs

Megalith have got two new minis to show off for their game Godslayer.

Firstly there is exciting news for Wyldfolk warbands as the Ovate Grove Druid is now ready to wield the forces of nature.

Ovate Grove Druid

I have to say that this is not the best Godslayer miniature I have seen. It may just be the direct angle of the photo, but he looks very static.

However, he is supposed to be a very useful addition to the Wyldfolk roster, with an Incantator ability making him useful for buffing friendly units.

To complement this we have also just been shown the renders for the new miniatures of the Reaver Tribesmen.

Megalith ReaverTribesmen

These guys look to be the epitome of the Northern berserker. With axes in hand and fur draped over chainmail I look forward to seeing the miniature hopefully at the end of this month.

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