Golem Arcana Hits Kickstarter With A Fantastic Gaming Idea

September 10, 2013 by brennon

Golem Arcana has been bubbling along beneath the surface for a while now and it has finally burst out onto Kickstarter. You might have heard us talking about this on the Weekender just gone but the way this works looks phenomenal...

Golem Arcana

Interface Stylus

Golem Arcana is much like any other miniatures game you would play with mighty forces clashing on the field of battle however the bonus addition of the TDI Stylus allows you to speed up your gaming with a fantastic piece of kit that stores and relates information from miniature to miniature.

"When you touch a figure with the stylus, information is transferred to the app via Bluetooth technology. The App immediately identifies which figure it is, all its capabilities, and its position on the game board.  When you touch the stylus to a new region of the game board, the app instantly knows whether the move is valid or not."

...they continue.

"The Golem Arcana App knows all the game rules so you can’t accidentally break them. You don’t need to read a rulebook because everything you need to know is available on screen or with a tap of your finger or your stylus. New players learn the game quickly by following the onscreen prompts and listening to the audio feedback. Record keeping is a snap because the App tracks everything for you. It’s a referee, rule book, and tracking device all-in-one. Together, the TDI stylus and App allow you to focus on what's important: face-to-face tabletop gaming in the exciting new game world of Golem Arcana."

...well that just sounds fantastic doesn't it? A way of gaming which is fair, modern and works with pieces of kit that most people already own. However that's all well and good but it doesn't work very well if the miniatures aren't top notch does it? Thankfully they look original and quite frankly astounding.

The Durani Codex

The Gudanna Codex

The Urugal Codex

The Zikia Codex

As you can see these 'Golems', which remind me a lot of some of the creatures from Shadow of the Colossus, are all fantastic realised and as if that wasn't enough they are also fully assembled and painted. Think Skylanders or Disney Infinity but on the tabletop with epic fantasy creatures.

Being a digital game with no real need for a rulebook you will also be able to download new scenarios, rules updates and more and if you have to take a break, just save your game. Simple.

Golem Foundry

War Council

The world itself is already fantastically realised and sees mighty Knights riding on the back of these Golems that have been created from a variety of different sources, be they the earth itself or something darker like the bodies of the dead. I think artwork wise you will agree that they have done well here.

You can read more about the storyline to this epic struggle but needless to say it features some pretty titanic forces clashing to seize power. I love this modern take on the tabletop wargame and it's something that I could see taking off.

What sells this game for me is that it's all practically done for you. The App is ready to go, the Stylus has everything programmed into it and the miniatures are painted and ready to go. Much like a good board game it's something you can play right out of the box.

Check out the gameplay mechanics video above and check out the Kickstarter.

Drop some comments below with your thoughts.

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