Golem Get Started On Hansa & Gates Of Antares Cancelled!

February 14, 2013 by brennon

Golem Painting Studio have done some exceptional work in the past for Mantic Games and other individual clients, and now they are taking on the task of painting Hansa for Dark Space Corp's Beyond the Gates of Antares...

Hansa - Golem Painting Studio

Hansa Stage 1 - Golem Painting Studio

Above you can see the undercoated and first stage of Hansa, and it's already looking great. It helps that the model itself is a superb sculpt and genuinely aspires to be painted!

If you want to follow along with Golem's progress then you can check out their Facebook Page.

There is also some rather sad news concerning their Kickstarter...

"After much consideration we have decided to withdraw our project from

We’d like to thank you all for believing in us and backing us, GoA will still become a reality but through different means.

*We will take the next month to reassess our plans, during this time you will still see us on the forums and we will continue to post updates to our website. Once we have a plan set we will let you all know what it is so that we can continue to build GoA together. *

There are a lot of positives to take from this journey and we certainly don’t think of this as a failure, more a change in plans with actual direct
feedback from the market, which should help us greatly in the future. One of the best things we’ve done is you guys. We managed to develop a thriving community in a very short time, which is bursting with ideas and support for the project and for that we thank you and we will continue to want and need your help in the future.

There are too many people to thank, but we’d like to take the opportunity to give special thanks to these guys (in no order!): Melcavuk, Krazus,
Prototheca, Endtransmission, Karl Pedder, Gylan Hunter, Michael Musson, John Wigley, Des Hanley, Karol Rudyk, Bruno Lavallee, Angelika Rasmus, Andy Gibson (brandnewbadidea), Golem Painting Studios, James Sherriff, Tim Prow, Kev White, Wojtek Fils, Bob Naismith, Andrew Chesney, Paul Sawyer

We’ll talk to you all very soon

Thank you!

Rick, Rik, John and Co"

Thanks to BoW user KingDaveTheBest for passing on this information.

What do you make of this Beyond The Gates Of Antares news?

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