The Germans Reporting for Duty in Grand Manoeuvre

December 8, 2014 by stvitusdancern

Napoleonic war gaming is where I got my start many years ago in miniature gaming. My Dad and uncle would would turn our basement floor into huge battlefields and play for hours. I can remember the hours upon hours that was spent painting all those hundreds, yes hundreds of miniatures.

While I love this time period and it holds a special place in my fondest memories, that is the problem with gaming in that time period, too many damn miniatures! There is this company out there called Grand Manoeuvre that I have been keeping my eye on for quite some time now and they have now just released a new army pack for the Germans. Now I am not going to bore you with the details of why this is important, I will let Warren do that as our new inhouse Waterloo expert.


As stated by the website: This pack contains 22 units and one flag file;Hanoverian Light & Feld Battalions & Landwehr, with options for Skirmishers. Foot artillery with gun teams.  Also cavalry units involved in the 1815 campaign.The Brunswickers are complete with Light and Line infantry, Avant-Garde and Leib battalions, with options for skirmishers. Foot artillery with gun teams and Brunswick Lancers and Hussars.Flags are also supplied for both forces.

Armies 1

So here is the cool part, the armies are made of paper, yes you read that correctly, paper. You download the armies and print them off on your colour printer and fold them together. Ok, so you won't win any prizes for awesome miniatures. But think about it, you want to recreate Waterloo and now you can without all the hassles of using a boat load of miniatures. From what I understand the rules are really great and there are quite a lot of fans of this game system. I am looking to get into it and the price is awesome too.

Will you be the next Napoleon?

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