A Fearsome Fighting (Green) Team Fights Back From Greebo!

March 13, 2015 by brennon

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Greebo Games have put together quite the cool range of miniatures over the last couple of days for their Tartalar, Wartart and Villains collection. You might see some familar faces including these Wartart with Sai, Bo, Katanas and Nunchaku from a previous IndieGoGo Campaign now available to buy on their webstore...

Wartart With Sai

Wartart With Bo

Wartart With Katana

Wartart With Nunchaku

Now these are simply amazing. Each of the sculpts you'll be seeing today is in 35mm scale so they're bigger than the average miniature but these Ninja Tu...I mean, Wartarts would be simply awesome to paint up just for display purposes. The sculpting is excellent, the level of detail is immense and they've taken real pride in bringing these to life.

I almost want to pick these up and dump them into the Batman Miniatures Game as alternative 'League of Shadows' Ninja! How awesome would that be!?

Yosu The Rat Master

Rat Master

Miss May

Hoky Jo

As well as the Ninjas above they have a few allies in the form of Yosu the Rat Master, a more basic looking Rat Master, Miss May and even Hoky Jo has turned up to smash some heads in with that hockey stick of his. I don't think the sculpting is on par with the work done for the Turtles but these are pretty awesome and would be perfect for building up an interesting Fantasy Football team.

Shiju The Blade Master



Mind Golem

Rounding things off check out some additional miniatures to act as cool villains to put up against those rather awesome Turtles. Above you have Shiju the Blade Master, Rynock and Razorbog and then a rather cool Mind Golem that would be hilarious to paint up with some cool glow effects coming from his midriff and eyes to give him that haunted undead look.

If you want to see more of the range you can check it out HERE!

What do you think of these 35mm miniatures from Greebo?

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