Greebo Games Turn Their Pirates Into The Salty Undead

January 12, 2017 by brennon

We've been following the awesome progress Greebo Games has been making in bringing their range of Pirates and Undead to life. Well, the latest collection of previews showed off some of their characters in a somewhat more un-alive form!

Willard Zombie

Two of their main characters, Willard and Mary, have been turned into the shambling undead. They look fantastic and I particularly like the undead monkey who followed Willard into the jaws of hell!

Mary Zombie

Since we're seeing undead versions of our heroes does that mean that when (if) a game comes around we could see them being able to switch between the two forms when certain game conditions are met?

A Pirates Best Friend

We all know Pirates like parrots. But, would they like to be cursed and turned into one?

Cursed Pirate

This poor fellow has become a feathery fowl! For those who love Monkey Island, it would also be great to see someone become a deadly Chicken! The quirky addition of his pet 'human' was something I didn't spot until later!

You can see more of their work over on Facebook and I recommend following them to see where their art goes next.

What do you think?

"The quirky addition of his pet 'human' was something I didn't spot until later!"

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