Go Hunting Monsters With Greenbriar Games’ Fantasy Resin Collection

May 12, 2015 by brennon

Greenbriar Games have popped up on Kickstarter to fund their range of Fantasy Resin Custom Miniatures that will be hunting down beasts and more from myth and legend with varying degrees of customisation built into the kits...

The Hunter & The Hunted...

Below are the three tiers of different models that you'll be picking up for pledging on this range. The Seekers are 35mm in scale and take the form of Witch Hunters, Knights, characters from familiar books and more.

The Seekers

The Giants are a range of characters like the Big Bad Wolf and Frankenstein's Monster who will no doubt be being hunted by said Seekers above. I think their version of the Big Bad Wolf is one of the best looking Werewolves out there.

The Giants

Last but not least are The Legendary that come in at around 78mm tall compared to their Seerker and Giant counterparts (who are still relatively big) and should provide the ultimate challenge for The Seekers as they look to slay these creatures of darkness.

The Legendary


As well as the miniatures above there are also a few mutation packs that come with the various characters. This enables you (like with the Abomination) to tweak their appearance and turn them into a different creature with additional weapon options and more.

Mutation Pack Customisation

As an example the Witch Hunter can be a Knight or Ranger instead if so desired. You can see some more of the various customisation options over on their Kickstarter page where they show off the additional types of hero you can make with different weapon and head options.

For example you might want to change the Big Bad Wolf into the Big Bad Bear and have Godilocks face off against those she stole porridge from!

Stretch Goals

The first two stretch goals add another hero in the Avenging Madman alongside a huge monster with the Colossus Dark Oak. After that you'll get the Arcanist and some more mutations for the various seekers.

Avenging Madman & Colossus Dark Oak

This is a fascinating range of miniatures and it's great to see them using resin to get a finer level of detail with the sculpts. I REALLY like that Werewolf!

What do you think of the campaign?

"I think their version of the Big Bad Wolf is one of the best looking Werewolves out there..."

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