Check Out One Fantastic Dragon From Greene Models!

September 12, 2014 by brennon

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Check out this fantastic Dragon-come-Wyvern! It's a massive piece of resin and certainly looks like it would be a brilliant centerpiece for the battlefield. This is a kit made by Greene Models a company in the US and due to be painted up by a talented artist from Saru Minis called Armando Martjin...

Dragon (Assembled)

Dragon (Components)

As you can see it's a rather impressive model and is absolutely huge as you would imagine. It comes in fourteen parts and is made of high quality resin with practically perfect detail across the whole thing from what I can tell.

Dragon (Scale)

Dragon (Head)

Dragon with Halfling (Scale)

Above are some of the shots from Armando as he put together the piece and started the Herculean task of actually painting this beast. This is certainly a brilliant looking piece as we mentioned and hopefully the finished project is a painting masterpiece.

At the moment however if you're happy shelling out $389 then you can own your own Dragon and paint him in your colours of choice.

Some details of this story have been changed at the request of Warner Bros. That can only mean something awesome is on its way... πŸ˜‰

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