Gringo 40’s Give Us A Look At Their Napoleonic Mamelukes

November 4, 2014 by dracs

We recently heard the announcement of Gringo 40's upcoming addition to their 28mm Napoleonic range. Now Gringo 40's have shown off a few more of the miniatures, along with more historical information of this flamboyant fighting force.


The Mamelukes were brought back by Napoleon from Egypt following his campaigns of 1798-1801. He made them part of his Imperial Guard and it was their counter attack that defeated the Russian cavalry at the Battle of Austerlitz. However, their numbers never exceeded 250 and by 1805 they were drawing in Frenchmen as replacements.

Mameluke Musician

Mameluke Standard Bearer

These exotic models, with tassels and ornamentation everywhere, really stand out among the ranks of uniforms that make up the mass of Napoleonic forces. The Mamelukes were reportedly so iconic of Napoleon's Empire that many of them were murdered by French Royalists after his fall, so their inclusion in a French army will help to add the finishing flamboyant touch to its military might.

What do you think of Gringo 40's 28mm Mamelukes? Will you use them in your Napoleonic battles?

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