Become Superheroes With Guardians Chronicles by IELLO Games

April 23, 2013 by brennon

IELLO Games have a great looking new Kickstarter up focusing on their board game, Guardians Chronicles which pits superheroes against villainous foes!

Guardians Chronicles Box Art

"The Liberty Patrol is a group of superheroes fighting for justice and against all threats that could put the lives of honest citizens in danger. Its members are Sergeant Freedom, charismatic and fearless leader; Super Nova, unleashing destructive energy bursts; Golden Boy, unstoppable war machine; and Adam Spell, powerful and mysterious magician!"

The Liberty Patrol

The company are aiming for $40,000 right now to get the game out there to people and stretch goals will introduce new heroes and more to the different pledge levels. Check out what you get in the box...

Boxed Game ContentsYou can also grab some painted versions of the miniatures if you pledge high enough. Check out one of the first miniatures, Sergeant Freedom below.

Sgt Freedom

The art style reminds me of Sentinels of the Multiverse, a very successful card game, and that's a good thing indeed. It looks like a lot of the emphasis here has been put on making it a fun comic book experience with plenty of interesting characters to come.

Dr Shadow




As you can see there is quite a lot still to come with this project and if you take a look at the video above it gives you an overview of the way the game is played.

What do you think of this game so far?

Let me know below!

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