Bring Out The Guild Ball Ale As The Brewers Arrive!

March 3, 2014 by brennon

Guild Ball might have already got my attention with the awesome Masons and the Butchers Guild but I think right now they managed to change all that with another team registering their interest in playing. See what you think of the awesome Brewers Guild on Kickstarter now.

Guild Ball Brewers Guild

This team has arrived, maybe a little drunk, and they are ready to play. I think the design on them is top notch from the massive chap at their centre in great contrast to the other more spindly members. They were going to wait until they hit $60k to unlock these guys but as a surprise they are unleashed earlier.

Just as with the other teams you can get an exclusive Kickstarter sculpt for the Captain if you decide to back.

Guild Ball Paper Dolls

If you're still wondering about backing then you can grab the Paper Dolls above or over on Kickstarter, print them off, and get gaming with their Quick Start Rules. This way you can delve into the play style of the game and see if it fits with you.

Loving the Brewers!

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