Brisket Joins the Butchers for a Game of Guild Ball

April 29, 2014 by dracs

Guild Ball is continuing to make great progress on its Kickstarter promises and have just shown off the renders for Brisket, the female player of the Butcher's Guild.


This design is fantastic, full of motion and life and looking unbelievably cute. Don't let her cute looks fool you though, Brisket is a Butcher and therefore I'm sure she will be more than capable of handing out some pain, as well as providing the Guild with some fast scoring capabilities.

As well as Brisket, Guild Ball has added a little colour to their Engineers Guild concept sketches.

Engineers Guild

Seeing them in colour makes me even more excited to see what these will look like as miniatures. Their medieval/clockwork tech is a fantastic design choice and should mean this team really stands out from the crowd.

What Guild Ball team do you choose?

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