Daring New Veteran Guild Ball Players Join The Roster

September 30, 2016 by brennon

Steamforged Games have added a new selection of Veteran Players to their webstore allowing you to unleash their newly learned skills on opposing teams in Guild Ball. Kicking things off we have Brisket...

Veteran Brisket

The Butcher's Guild have got a rather angry looking lady as part of their team here. She looks like she has enough blades to mess with anyone who steals her ball!

Secondly, we look to Harmony for the Mason's Guild.

Veteran Harmony

Once again they've gone with some crazy heroic hair here flowing in the wind and a dashing stance as she draws her sword ready for action. Weirdly enough I like the armour design and the way the belts look too.

We then move onto the crazy looking Katalyst!

Veteran Katalyst

Having gone a little bit 'Bane' he seems to be in no mood to simply play a regular old game of Guild Ball. The over the top nature of his sculpt will be fun to paint up.

Lastly, we look to Spigot from the Brewer's Guild who returns us to something of a normal state.

Veteran Spigot

Looking like he's somewhat annoyed at what someone has done to his crate of ale I reckon he'd be a little angrier as he gets stuck into playing Guild Ball.

All of the Veterans are great sculpts full of character. Which of them is your favourite?

Drop your thoughts below!

"She looks like she has enough blades to mess with anyone who steals her ball!"

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