Enjoy A Hearty Drink With Guild Ball’s Brewers

September 29, 2014 by dracs

It has been a while since we last heard from Guild Ball, but it sounds like this has been because they have been incredibly busy fine tuning the game. Today, a big update appeared, along with a cool picture showing off the sculpts for the Brewers Guild team.

Guild Ball Brewers Guild

You thought drunken fans were bad at matches, what about drunk players? These sculpts are superb, with a lot of life and motion added to them by touches of detail such as spilled ale arching out of flagons. The models look far more dynamic and alive than was even promised in their initial concept art.


The guys at Guild Ball are currently working on The Union models at present, so hopefully we will get to see their sculpts soon.

The Guild Ball rules have also been seeing a bit of rewrite, clarifying problematic issues and dealing with grammatical problems in order to make the whole thing far easier to understand. Apparently, the plan is to go with a landscape format for the book's publication, making it easier to lay out on a table or read on an electronic device.

Did you chip in on this Kickstarter? Do you think you might get into the game now that you've seen some more of the minis?

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