Guild Ball Week: Faction Guide – The Union

April 28, 2017 by Justin

In this video, we take a look at a Guild Ball team unique to the game. As well as being their own Guild they are also mercenaries who can find themselves in another team when called for. Welcome The Union.

Guild Ball Week: Faction Guide - The Union

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If your team is missing that specific role you know needs filling that can push them to victory hiring a Union member may be the solution to your problem.

Be wary because if one of these guys appears in your starting line-up there may be an ulterior motive behind it...

Prizes To Be Won

During this week you could win One of Three Copies of the Guild Ball Kick Off! Starter Set as seen in our Kick Off! Demo Game.

All you’re going to need to do is comment on the videos this week across FacebookYouTube and Beasts Of War to be in with a chance of winning this fantastic prize.

Enjoying The Week? View The Range

Have you used Union players in your team?

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