The Falconer’s Guild Available For Pre-Order From Steamforged Games

March 24, 2018 by brennon

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The Falconer's Guild is now up on Steamforged Games' Webstore right now. They aren't out for a while yet, but this lets you get your order in for a nice Guild Ball surprise in a few months.

Falconer's Guild - Steamforged Games

"Leader of her flock, the Daughter of Falcons directs her team with merciless efficiency, isolating her prey methodically before the skies darken and death plummets from above. On the rare occasion her victim might escape their fate, it is only because Devana has instead chosen to steal the ball, directing it away to her teammates and safety.

The ruthless stare of their eyes akin to the flash of cold steel, the Falconer’s Guild relentlessly stalk their prey, harrying their foes from afar before ruthlessly closing in for the kill. Nowhere on the pitch can be truly safe from a fate borne upon the wings of the great birds, command of the skies affording the Falconers a tactical breadth previously unknown to the Empire of the Free Cities."

The miniatures for their range are looking superb and it's nice to see another set of dynamic characters thrown into the mix. As well as the 3D terrain piece and such you have the characters Devana, Frelsi, Mataagi, Rundaas, Minerva, Ikaros.

Retailer Surprise

As well as the team itself you can also get yourself this alternate sculpt for Mataagi by ordering your team through your local retailer.

Falconer's Guild Special Miniature - Steamforged Games

The instructions on how to get a hold of the model are included in the image above. This is a neat thing for Steamforged Games to do as it engenders good relations between them and stores and means that you're there with your friends working on all of this together.

Will you be picking up this new Guild?

" have the characters Devana, Frelsi, Mataagi, Rundaas, Minerva, Ikaros"

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