Guild Ball Boils Over Onto Pre-Order with a Limited Edition Mini

May 30, 2014 by dracs

The game of Guild Ball will soon be getting a new website store from which to pre-order the great minis of the game. In celebration of this, on the weekend the site goes up you will be able to get the 2014 Guild Ball Exclusive alternate mini.

Exclusive Boiler

The exclusive alternative of Boiler will only be available at shows and events, as well as online during the opening weekend of the site.

The model is a fantastic piece with a load of motion to it, that will make both an excellent collector's piece and a welcome addition to your gaming team.

The site will be heading up on Friday 6th June, so be sure to head over to Guild Ball next weekend to pre-order this mini.

What team do you think you will be after when they appear in the webstore?

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