New Steamforged Captains Join The Guild Ball Roster

February 19, 2019 by brennon

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Some fascinating new characters have been added into the mix for Guild Ball by Steamforged Games. All four of them have been put up for pre-order and we're starting off this peek at them with Yukai, Follower Of The Old Path.

Yukai Follower Of The Old Path - Guild Ball

"Master of the ancient rites and traditions of the fisherfolk, Yukai’s craft is more akin to delicate art than the clumsy efforts of other Fishermen. With each movement comes fluidity, grace and poise, inspiring friend and foe alike."

This fellow gets added into the mix for those who like The Fisherman's Guild. He acts as a new Captain for the team or if you're looking to do a bit of role-playing in the world of Guild Ball you could use him as a player character. In fact, all of these characters could be used for that!

Next up we're looking to someone who isn't very zen but instead embraces rage. Check out Veteran Boar, The Beast Untamed.

Veteran Boar The Beast Untamed - Guild Ball

"A hulking mass of unrestrained violence and aggression, Boar is feared by players on either side of the pitch. Fear the Beast even more, now that he has broken loose of the shackles which once bound him and begun his bloody reign as captain!"

I could imagine him slamming his way through the enemy with an axe in hand, smashing aside foes with the side of it and then digging through armour with that well-worn blade. As you might imagine, this fellow serves alongside the Butcher's Guild.

Next up we're looking to some brutal hunts in the wilderness with Steeljaw, Dark Omen.

Steeljaw Dark Omen - Guild Ball

"Vicious traps carving deep scars into the ground behind her, the arrival of such an ominous herald from the deep south can only mean one thing—that shadows and strife are soon to follow."

Whilst I quite like the idea of using her as part of the Hunter's Guild there's also the option to use her as a potential Ranger or Fighter in a game of Dungeons & Dragons. I reckon chain, trans and whips would be an awesome idea for a brutal wilderness survivor.

Lastly, we have little Mourn, The Nightmare.

Mourn The Nightmare - Guild Ball

"Lank and oily hair cast in sinister relief, the silver coins in place of her eyes reflecting her candle’s grave light, Mourn lurches out of the darkness and onto the tabletop like a ghoul from your most fearful dreams."

She is another of the new Captain models you can throw into the mix, this time for the Mortician's Guild. I don't think I'd want to really run into her when I was wandering across the Guild Ball pitch looking for a game...she's a bit too creepy!

That gives you a peek at all of the new Captains which will be released in March from Steamforged Games.

Are you going to be picking up one (or more) of these characters?

"That gives you a peek at all of the new Captains which will be released in March from Steamforged Games..."

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