Guild Ball Crowdfunder Kicks Off On Kickstarter!

February 21, 2014 by brennon

We've been having a look at Guild Ball a lot over the past few weeks and now the game has hit Kickstarter and is very close to it's target of $30,000 after just one day. Check out some of the teams you can pick up during the campaign...

Kickstarter Launch Teams

To kick things off we have the Butchers, Fishermen, Masons and Morticians all getting ready to play ball and win honour for their cause. Each of the teams have awesome artwork and this is hopefully going to translate over to great miniature; two of which can be seen below...

Current Renders

It would have been nice to see a few more actual miniatures compared to renders and artwork but I suppose that could be coming within the next few weeks as this campaign ramps up. They seem to have a great amount of support behind them at any rate and while the cost for one of the teams is fairly high you are getting some detailed sculpts.

I suppose whether or not this is a good investment is up to you. I prefer the fantasy theme and so would probably plump for this but there is also Slaughterball and DreadBall Xtreme coming too.

It's quite the decision!

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