Guild Ball Kicks-Off It’s Final Day On Kickstarter!

March 22, 2014 by brennon

Guild Ball are closing in on the final hours of their Kickstarter for their amazing fantasy football game. Below we have a few more of their fantastic pieces of art and of course a run down of the teams on offer for you to pick up.


Avarisse & Greede


First up we have these three lovely people. Above is Tower, Avarisse & Greede and Hemlocke who will be joining the Masons and the Union as they take to the pitch and start kicking balls around. The one thing I love about some of these models is that you could very easily use them for games away from Guild Ball. Once you're done on the pitch maybe you could use them for role-playing too!

The Union







Also if you ever wanted to know what the teams were like and which ones you should be picking up we've included the official run down of each of them above. I think my personal favourites have to be the Brewers and the Masons although the Butchers come in a close third!

Head over and get pledging as this enters it's final few hours!

Which team is your favourite?

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