Steamforged’s Guild Ball Season Four Launching 13th October 2018

September 3, 2018 by brennon

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Steamforged Games has announced that Season Four of Guild Ball is going to be launching on 13th October 2018. New story, new players and much more awaits you in this Fantasy Football game on the tabletop.

Guild Ball Season 4 - Steamforged Games

One of the biggest announcements from this new Season of the game was that you will no longer need to use physical cards in your games. An official app, the Guild Ball Manager, will help you find your cards that you'll need to use when playing games.

You will still be able to find a PDF download of the cards from Steamforged Games so if you prefer the physical accessories on the tabletop you're going to be in luck.

Celebrate The Launch

You will be able to snag yourself some goodies at local stores as Steamforged Games are also promoting the launch of Season Four with some neat demo products to help people get into the game.

Guild Ball Season 4 Promo Pack - Steamforged Games

So, if you're a Pundit or Store Owner you have a great chance to get more of your punters into this game. It looks like a great chance to delve into the game with likeminded new players and it helps that you can get a swanky miniature too!

Are you going to be getting stuck into Guild Ball Season Four?

" will no longer need to use physical cards in your games"

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