Guild Ball Show the Master Sculpt of Creepy Cosset

October 30, 2014 by dracs

Over at Guild Ball, play tests are continuing and a preview of the Mortician Guild's creepy Cosset has just arisen from the 3D printer.


We previously saw a render for Cosset so it is good to see work on her progressing. The sculpt has transferred over well into miniature form, keeping the graceful motion that the glowing strips of cloth instill, although I bet those things will be a real pain to prevent from snapping all the time. This model is ready to head off for resin and metal production, so hopefully we will see more of the Morticians soon.

This isn't the only preview that has appeared. Along with Cosset the guys at Guild Ball publish what has to be one of their most exciting releases yet. Dice!

Guild Ball Dice

That is actually a pretty nice dice. Now they just need to make a clear one for Warren and his lasers.

How do you think Cosset's model is shaping up? Did you support Guild Ball on Kickstarter?

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