Guild Ball Gets Unionised With New Player Reveal

March 5, 2014 by brennon

Guild Ball is still going strong and with that they have released artwork of the first Union player, Snakeskin. See what you think of this decidedly shadowy looking player coming to the pitch on Kickstarter.

Guild Ball Union Snakeskin

Now that is a very cool looking player completely furnished with weapons for dealing with her enemies. The art style and the aesthetic of the game reminds me a lot of Cadwallon, especially this current piece above for Snakeskin. That is a very good thing indeed as I like that semi-realistic cartoon style.

Update: We have also been given an awesome first look at the ENTIRE Union team thanks to the guys behind Guild Ball!

The Union Team

Now that is one awesome looking team that has a fair amount of darkness to it! Two of the members have already been unlocked with the pledges now closing in on the rest.

Mortician's Guild WIP

The other Guilds are also getting some work done and the Mortician's seem to be next on the cards for render work. To begin with I was a little hesitant of this mass of renders and lack of real models but it appears as if they have their sights set on doing things properly regardless of that and the model we have seen looks stunning.

The guys from Guild Ball will be over with us soon in the studio so look out for that!

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