Guild Ball Welcomes Corsair & Esters To The Pitch Soon

January 14, 2016 by brennon

Being released at the end of the month both Corsair and Esters are going to be on pre-order this week for Guild Ball. The Fishermen and Brewers are getting some hefty reinforcements with this pair...


Corsair here reminds me of the pirate that Conan hangs out with in the remake that we had a few years ago. He looks like he's seen his fair share of scraps on the Guild Ball pitch and while I imagine a big guy is always welcome I don't imagine he will be running very far on that peg leg.

Following on from Corsair we have Esters who certainly backs up the term 'it ain't over until the fat lady sings...'. Her rather dominating size matches up with that of Corsair and I could imagine her being a brutal bruiser when she gets stuck in.


The Brewer's Guild have found their new bouncer for when things get rowdy on the pitch AND in the tavern.

What do you think of this pair?

"I don't imagine he will be running very far on that peg leg..."

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