Guild Ball’s Alchemists Begin Concocting Potions!

March 18, 2014 by brennon

Guild Ball are still steaming on towards their final few days and the Kickstarter is going great guns. As it does draw to a close another team has been unlocked, the Alchemists, and an awesome crossover miniature in the form of Minx, the Lycan Hunter thanks to Ax Faction...

Alchemists Guild

First up we have the Alchemists and if you were watching the latest Weekender you will know that they love to throw potions around the field of play making random pools of acid and smog to help them play. I love that some of their experiments have gone better than others!

Lycan Hunter - Minx

Lycan Hunter Minx is the ace looking player coming into the world of Guild Ball from Ax Faction. She will play for Butchers, Morticians and Masons and looks like a great star player of sorts. I like that the model should be good for both Guild Ball and Ax Faction's range if they decide to do a bigger role-playing figure.

Have you been picking up these extras?

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