Metal Miniatures & Morticians Ahoy For Guild Ball!

March 10, 2014 by brennon

Guild Ball is powering on towards the final week of it's Kickstarter with around twelve days to go. With the end in sight they have shown off one of the work-in-progress metal miniatures for the Fishermen's Guild and also the captain of the Morticians!

Metal Miniature (Front)

Metal Miniature (Side)

Metal Miniature (Rear)

As you can see it's quite the neat looking model even at this stage and they appear to have been able to squeeze most of the detail out of the sculpts they have been working on. These really are some nice dynamic looking figures.

Captain Obulus

Saying that Captain Obulus of the Mortician's Guild does look a but more static but he is most likely waiting for that opposing player to break the line and directing his own players in return. I do hope those flowing pieces of fabric are going to carry over to the finalised sculpt!

Have you been playing and/or backing Guild Ball?

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