Check Out The HUGE Range For Guild Ball + Exclusive Minx Render!

March 23, 2015 by brennon

Well, Guild Ball certainly went insane over the weekend and the folks at Steamforged Games have shown off practically everything from the factions within this world of Fantasy Football. Not only that but we have an exclusive look at Minx, a tie in model from the team at Ax Faction...

Union Minx

Above you can see said Minx model from the combined efforts of Steamforged and Ax Faction. She will be available in metal during the first few weeks of release after being a resin miniature for Kickstarter backers. She's a fearsome looking player for the Union and I love the look of the skull mask alongside that braided, wild looking, hair.

Alchemists Box

Brewers Box

Butchers Box

Engineers Box

Fishermen Box

Masons Box

Morticians Box

Union Box

These are the complete boxed sets for the various factions within Guild Ball. Each team box comes with three detailed miniatures in some very dynamic poses. All of these will be hitting your local gaming stores and tabletops soon and it's nearly everyone's hands for Kickstarter too.

Who's On The Bench?

As well as the core boxes that you can see above there are going to be a selection of interesting additional players who can come off the bench as additional players for all the teams. There are loads of them for each faction but I've picked out some of my favourites...





As you can see they are looking very neat indeed and once again the renders are very close to the actual concept art. I think they've got themselves a nice selection of semi-realistic miniatures for their game and hopefully we'll start to see these teams coming to life on the tabletop with some vibrant paint schemes.






Phew. If you think that this is a lot of miniatures then you'll have to check out the Facebook or indeed Main Store for Guild Ball because there are even more where these came from. The thing that strikes me about the range as a whole is that they've got incredibly inventive with the character of each of the factions and indeed the personalities within too. Every single one of the miniatures look like they have a neat story behind them.

Rolling Well!

If you really love your faction/team in Guild Ball then you'll want to pick up something to personalise them as well. These Dice Sets were going to only be available through Kickstarter and at events but the team have put together some neat ones for retail as well. Check them out...

Alchemist Dice

Brewers Dice

Butchers Dice

Engineers Dice

Fishermen Dice

Masons Dice

Morticians Dice

Union Dice

Now those are some awesome looking dice. Have you been following along with the whole Guild Ball game since the Kickstarter ended? If you have, what do you think about the different factions in the game and which one is your favourite?

Let us know in the comments below!

"Each team box comes with three detailed miniatures in some very dynamic poses"

"Have you been following along with the whole Guild Ball game since the Kickstarter ended?"

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