Renders of the Union’s Sinister Players Appear in Guild Ball

October 21, 2014 by dracs

The guys at Guild Ball have announced that this week they will be holding a live stream on their Twitch channel where they will be showing some images of brand new stuff they're currently working on and to whet our appetite for these have published pictures of two new mini renders.

Union Bruiser

This first guy is the rather repulsive bruiser we have previously seen among the concept for the sinister Union players. He looks like a cartoony exaggeration of the very worst kind of serial killers, being malformed, covered in chains and certain to scare the living daylights out of any Guild Ball team.

The other character that has appeared is more of a mystery.

Union Character

I can't immediately think of any concepts that this matches. She certainly looks creepy enough to be one of the Union, what with that doll hanging from her belt. She's definitely an interesting sculpt. The flowing ribbons give what might otherwise feel a very stiff model a nice degree of graceful motion.

Both of these renders are very promising for the future miniatures which will be taking to the Guild Ball pitch. They have me intrigued about just what will be appearing in this Twitch live stream.

Did you chip in on the Guild Ball Kickstarter? Do you have any idea of who this lady is?

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