Steamforged Offer Up Event Exclusives For Guild Ball At Essen Spiel

October 14, 2016 by brennon

Steamforged Games are at Essen Spiel this weekend and that means Event Exclusive bits and pieces for Guild Ball! Take a look at Flint and Tater who will once again be available from their webstore and at the event...


Flint is one of the cool characters for the Mason's Guild and he looks great here in the middle of booting that ball towards the opposition's goal. More of these 'action poses' would be great for some of the players.

Following on from him we also have Tater on offer again. As one of the models for the upcoming Farmer's Guild he can play for any other Guild right now so you can test him out.


As well as the models you can also pick up some mugs to try and support your team of choice. Mugs are a hobbyists friend as they hold precious tea and coffee which keeps us sustained as we're painting!

Guild Ball Mugs

These are looking very cool and I like the idea of supporting your faction with extra bits and pieces like this. The Brewer's Guild would have to be the one for me (top middle).

What do you think of their goodies on offer?

"More of these 'action poses' would be great for some of the players..."

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