Steamforged Games Is Taking Pre-Orders For New Guild Ball Players

February 17, 2016 by stvitusdancern

Steamforged Games announced on their Facebook page, that they are taking pre-orders for a couple new characters for their popular game Guild Ball.

The first character is Veteran Rage for the Union, he is one nasty looking dude with that big ole meat cleaver. I sure would not want to get in his way.

For the Engineer's Guild there is sly looking female called Pin Vice, with all kinds of gadgets and a very deadly looking spike. They are available in resin for a short time, and of course plastic.

They have also made available all the season 1 cards for purchase or you can download them yourself and print them. These cards have been updated to the season 2 style and are legal for play.

Updated Season 1 Cards

Lastly, they are taking orders for their new grassy plain base toppers, to add a little bit more realism to this fantasy ball game. They come in three sizes (30mm, 40mm, and 50mm).

If you are a fan of Guild Ball you will surely want to take a look at these and all the mentioned items and see if they are worth adding to your Guild Ball collection. I have not had an opportunity to play or watch a game yet, but they will be at Adepticon this year and I will be checking it out!

Do you play Guild Ball?

"If you are a fan of Guild Ball you will surely want to take a look at these..."

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