Steamforged Set Up SteamCon & Black Friday Sales

November 22, 2016 by brennon

Steamforged is looking ahead to SteamCon and Black Friday with some sales and limited edition offers for you to pick up as budding Guild Ball fans.

Avarisse & Greede Limited Edition

A number of different Limited Edition models are on the way. We've just picked out some of our favourites from the bunch to show off but they all have loads of awesome character mixed into their sculpts.

Honour Limited Edition

Midas Limited Edition

Each of the different factions will get some neat characters to choose from.

Mist Limited Edition

Mist in particular, was one of the models that I was particularly taken with as you see the flowing cloak billowing out behind him. Even if you didn't use him for Guild Ball he'd make for a great mystic.

Additionally, you can also snap up some added extras and accessories like the Guild Ball Limited Edition Mat...

Kick Off Mat

...and this rather quirky Obulus Pin.

Obulus Pin

I think that would look great when shown off on your bag. This will be available at SteamCon so if you're heading there make sure to snap one up.

Will you be taking part in their Black Friday deals and more?

"A number of different Limited Edition models are on the way..."

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