Guild Ball’s Union Is Getting Some Re-Sculpts

May 30, 2017 by deltagamegirl22

Fresh off of Vengeance, one of the sculptors for Steamforged Games, Russ Charles, has had a chance to revisit some of the Union sculpts for the uber popular, Guildball.

GB product

Here's what Russ had to say about the changes...

GB 1

For Coin, I simply wanted a second chance at the snake’s scales and a way of making him have more of a presence as a miniature. Having him coiled over a broken Solthecian Offertory allowed me to bulk the model out and I liked the idea of him swallowing the Church’s collection plate!

I feel the character of lazy, slightly self-satisfied Coin has been kept, but I am very happy with the presence on the table this version has.

GB 2

For Gutter, I wanted to address several things. Her pose, whilst cool in principle, lacked the impact that the profile deserves on the field. Also, I saw this as an opportunity to introduce a unique looking set of weapons.  I chose the circular blades and the shape of her knife guards as being shapes that hinted at the sun, sunbeams and other elements that reflected the Solthecian faith.

I also added the same scroll work onto her kit that can be found on Grace and Benediction.

I chose not to add a mask to her so that she felt different to the main model set. The pose was intended to add action and movement to the model, and the placement of the weapons ensured multiple points of contact, no free-floating parts that could snap easily, and a nicely solid base contact point.

I did re-use elements such as her hair from the original model, to provide some continuity of design.

GB 3

With Decimate, I again wanted to address her pose to give it more ‘oomph’ but overall I felt the model needed less overall design changes. I re-used her head, belt and weapons as well as several other elements. Mainly I wanted to streamline the detailing to emphasise the pose and not have a ‘busy’ model.

She does get some Solthecian theming and the ribbons, as well as adding movement, will provide structural strength to the blades. This allows for a model that feels delicate but makes a robust gaming piece.

I don't know about you, but I LOVE when a company allows for updates/resculpts with miniatures.

There's nothing worse than seeing the other factions get the newer, fancier sculpts, while the one you're passionate about stays the same. Granted, there's absolutely nothing wrong with staying with your existing models, but it's certainly nice to have the choice.

What do you think of the resculpts for the Union?

"...there's absolutely nothing wrong with staying with your existing models, but it's certainly nice to have the choice"

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