Guild Ball Welcomes Veterans, Hags & Puppeteers This Week

February 24, 2017 by brennon

Three new characters are coming to the tabletop for Guild Ball by Steamforged Games this week. The Butcher's are first up on the block as they show off Veteran Ox...

Veteran Ox

Veteran Ox here is a burly looking gentleman...

"Like a rabid hound let loose from his cage, Veteran Ox hungers for vengeance. An avatar of retribution and punishment, Veteran Ox uses his shackles to pull his prey towards him before cracking their bones and crushing their spirits.

No longer the Butcher’s Captain, his bloodlust is sure to infect the rest of his team, pushing them to even deadlier levels of ferocity. Coaches across the Empire of the Free Cities beware—the Master Butcher has returned, more dangerous than ever."

If you're more in line with the Fisherman's way of playing then you might want to consider picking up Hag instead...


What's the fluff here?

"Opponents should be careful not to underestimate Hag. While she isn’t one to draw blood, she does wield a maelstrom of supportive power, which can sink even the most determined assaults against her fellow Fishermen. Brimming with the chaos of the sea, she’ll terrorise those foolish enough to stand against her power, nimbly dancing away like a sprite riding the surf.

Her cunning mastery of the elements means she’s sure to turn the tides in her coach’s favour."

I really like the model and I think they've done an exceptional job of transferring over the look from the artwork into the render. We know that the Steamforged guys can do some amazing work nowadays so I wouldn't be surprised if this is a firm favourite.

Last but not least we have Brainpan & Memory...

Brainpan & Memory

"As a skilled puppeteer, Brainpan has a knack for manipulation, which he masterfully applies to the pitch. Using his puppet Memory, Brainpan brings the Mortician’s ball game to terrifying new heights.

With rapid passes and bursts of damage, the grim duo is capable of fearsome feats of teamwork that embody any coach’s worst nightmare."

This really dives into the creepy and darker side of the Guild Ball world. The Mortician's Guild are weird enough as it is without this fellow bringing his weird puppet to the table too!

What do you think of these new releases?

"The Mortician's Guild are weird enough as it is without this fellow bringing his weird puppet to the table too!"

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