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Gurn Of The Every Other Week – Where Have All the Gamers Gone?


I am very familiar with this latest gurn that has just come through from one of our Backstagers. It's one I think anyone moving to a new place finds themselves facing: Where are all the gamers?

Gurn Of The Every Other Week: Painting 1:1 Scale


Painting is an integral part of our hobby, as is the eye-strain that often accompanies it. For the latest gurn, we hear all about the pains of painting miniatures that are just too tiny.

Gurn Of The Every Other Week: Floating Gun Syndrome


In the course of our gurns, we have played with miniatures that are unpainted and even unassembled. Now we come to a gurn about when those minis just aren't built right and the horrors of floating gun syndrome.

Gurn Of The Every Other Week: Say it Right!


In this week's gurn, things are getting linguistic as Demyse writes in to complain about something that we often hear complaints about: the problems with pronunciation.

Gurn of the Every Other Week: Wargaming Naked


It's time to once again get our gurny faces on as Commodore Rob writes in to complain about his gaming pet peeve: gaming naked! That is, people playing with unpainted miniatures not playing while er... read the article!

Gurn Of The Every Other Week: Drop Everything!


Here at the Beasts of War offices, we have been running around getting everything ready for the Dropzone Commander Boot Camp. While we catch our breath, we decided to listen to some of the gurns you guys have been getting off your chest.

Gurn of the Every Other Week! – Haters Gonna Hate, Gurners Gonna Gurn


And so we return to Gurn of the Every Other Week, the place where we can all gather together to groan about what ticks us off. This time we answer your gurns on GW haters and the power of the imagination.

Gurn of the Every Other Week! – Going Cross Eyed


Leigh, aka Sathrin, who wrote in about one of the biggest issues plaguing miniature gaming: Eyeballs!

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