The Caesarian Romans & Germanic Tribes Arrive For Warlord’s Hail Caesar

October 17, 2016 by brennon

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Warlord Games has now released and collected together new boxed sets for use with Hail Caesar for both the Caesarian Romans and the Germanic Tribes. Will you side with Rome or fight against their mighty armies?

Caesarian Roman Starter Army

Leading the way are a pair of armies for you to pick up. Above you can see the Caesarian Roman Starter Army which comes with ranks and ranks of soldiers as well as a Scorpion allowing you to pick off more dangerous enemy units on the tabletop.

Standing against them Ariovistus' Horde will try and break the back of the Roman army with their wild warriors and lightning fast strikes.

Ariovistus' Horde

Included within this set are plenty of Tribesmen alongside Germanic Cavalry and some Skirmishers too. You also get the deadly Ariovistus to leading the way with his war dogs.

Mighty Heroes

Supplementing these armies and leading from the front there are all manner of new characters. We'd spied Vercingetorix before so well done to those who worked out his name!


Alongside him, we have the aforementioned Ariovistus.


He looks like a fierce and dangerous leader. According to their background on this fellow, it might be interesting to fight out the Battle of Vosges which featured his tribes warring against the Romans.

The Romans aren't to be outdone when it comes to characters. Julius Caesar & Mark Anthony lead the way as two stalwarts of Roman history that will be immediately familiar to wargamers, wether you recognise them from popular culture of history itself.

Julius Caesar & Mark Anthony

Following on from them we also have Pompey The Great & Marus Crassus who look like they'd stand out quite nicely on the battlefield.

Pompey The Great & Marus Crassus

There are plenty of other characters out there for you to pick up for these armies but these would fit in nicely with the period they're looking to represent for the new sourcebook.

Thundering Cavalry

Last but not least there are a couple of metal sets which give both sides in this conflict cavalry to use in battle. We'll look first at the Romans.

Caesarian Roman Cavalry

Interestingly during this period of history, the cavalry would most likely not have been Roman. Instead, they would have been bought in from all manner of different countries that Rome had conquered including Greece and Thrace.

The German Tribes are going to get their own fierce looking riders.

Germanic Cavalry

The horses were as tough as the riders and these warriors would fight with a mixture of spears, javelins and even swords on the odd occasion. They could barrel their way through loosely formed infantry and take on cavalry too.

The fierceness of the German cavalry was so famed that they could find themselves as bodyguards for Roman Generals!

Will you be siding with Germanic Tribesmen or Caesarian Rome?

"The fierceness of the German cavalry was so famed that they could find themselves as bodyguards for Roman Generals!"

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