A Celt Barbarian Horde Finds Its Leaders At Warlord Games

November 30, 2012 by brennon

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Warlord Games are looking back to the annuls of ancient history again today with their take on the Celt Fanatic Command for Hail Caesar. Check out the trio of howling warriors below...

Ancient Celts - Fanatic Command (Front)

Ancient Celts - Fanatic Command (Rear)

As you can see they are pretty historically accurate, at least in their lack of attire! Might want to check the boss isn't looking before opening these pictures at work. I quite like this set, especially the 'champion' with his stolen Roman cloak and helmet, signs of his conquests in the past.

He's also wielding a sword, a sign of great honour back then. A sword was very expensive to make and would only be used by someone of high standing, or exceptional martial might.

Will you be fielding some fanatics in Hail Caesar?

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