The Conquest of Gaul Begins with Warlord Games

July 10, 2012 by brennon

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Warlord Games are hoping to get you embroiled in the battles of Hail Caesar with their new Conquest of Gaul Starter Set. Check out what you get inside this pack...

Hail Caesar - Conquest of Gaul Starter Set

That's quite a good starter set, especially considering the quality of the Warlord plastic range. You can now finally recreate the battle from the beginning of Gladiator!

Ancient Celts - Warriors

Early Imperial Romans - Plastic Roman Legionaries

There's a taster of the miniatures that you'll be picking up, as well as of course the catapult crew. I haven't looked into the Hail Caesar rules before but I am rather tempted too now.

Another great idea from Warlord Games?

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