Defend Ancient Cities With Early-Age Spearmen

January 21, 2014 by brennon

Warlord Games have teamed up with Cutting Edge Miniatures to bring you a selection of Early-Age Spearmen and Command figures for civilisations like those of Sumerian, Early Syrian, Elamite, Early Akkadian and the Early Highlander in Hail Caesar.

Akkadian Later City State Spearmen

Early Bronze Age Command

Akkadian Later City State Spearmen without Shields

They are some quite neat miniatures for bulking out your ancient force on the tabletop and as the article about them suggests, the front rank should use those wicker shields with the rest of the force behind opting for simply holding spears alone.

Certainly a threatening sight even if they don't have that much armour, a massive phalanx of spears being aimed in your direction. Does make me contemplate ancient battles, although the Dark Ages still has me gripped.

What do you think?

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