Oh General, My General! Warlord Games Adds Greek Generals

December 6, 2014 by stvitusdancern

Have you ever thought "gee I wish I had a Greek general at this moment"? Probably not, but if you are a fan of ancient warfare games such as Hail Cesar then you probably have noticed that leadership in the Greek army is lacking. Well to fix that Warlord Games has released to new generals for the Greek Army.

Greek Generals

Demosthenes was a general, who lead an Athenian army against Sparta and defeated them in battle. His luck would only hold out for so long. During the ill-fated invasion of Sicily, the Spartans sent reinforcements to help the Syracusan army. Being ancient times, Demosthenes could have escaped, but delayed his departure due to a lunar eclipse and was subsequently captured and executed.

Greek Generals Side

Theagenes, was a brutal man by nature. Even though little is written about him, what there was leads historians to believe he was a general who had a grudge against wealthier people and would slaughter their flocks. When he wanted his son-in-law Cylon (not the robots from Battlestar Galactica)  rise to power he had approximately 630 people arrested, tried and executed, nice guy huh?

Greek Generals Side

It makes you wonder how you could play these two characters and if there will be any special rules for them in Hail Cesar They are nice looking miniatures and if ancient warfare is for you, then you might want to grab them.


Will you rewrite history with these men?

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