Hail Caesar Stretches from Tribal Antiquity to Early Medieval

May 14, 2012 by brennon

Some more new releases and pre-orders in the world of Hail Caesar today from Warlord Games. Check out the new Kushite Tribesmen first of all with some fearsome war paint...

Kushite Command

Kushite Spearmen-Clubmen

The Kushite people were a noble and powerful tribe from the area we now know as Sudan. They wore animal skins, used primitive spears and stone clubs, and were even seen in the massed ranks of Xerxes' Persian armies. They were an imposing force regardless of their 'barbaric' weapons and lack of armour. Masters of their environment, they could outlast any invasion and they did so in reality.

Hail Caesar: Late Antiquity to Early Medieval Army Lists Cover

But if you like looking towards the fall of the Roman Empire then how about picking up this book on pre-order. This Army List Compilation for Hail Caesar contains 60 (yes 60!) new army lists for the periods of Late Antiquity into the Early Medieval. For me as a Dark Ages historical nut this is quite a winner!

Will you be going tribal, or medieval?

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