Two Heroes of Rome Hail Caesar!

May 17, 2013 by dracs

Two heroes of the Roman armies are ready to lead the forces in Hail Caesar to expand the empire and enforce the Pax Romana.

Pullo and Vorenus Heroes of Rome

These two minis are inspired by the characters from the TV show Rome, but they were also real people mentioned in the writings of Julius Caesar.

Here's what Warlord say of this formidable duo:

Fierce rivals for promotion to primus pilus both distinguished themselves in 54 BC when in an effort to outdo Vorenus, Pullo charged out of the fortified camp and attacked the enemy, but was soon wounded and surrounded. Vorenus followed engaging his attackers, killing one and driving the rest back, but when he too lost his footing he was himself soon surrounded. Pullo in turn rescued Vorenus, and after killing several of the enemy, the pair returned to camp amid rapturous applause from their legion.

So a pair of formidable fighters who will be able to inspire your forces. Could these be who you need to bring you victory?

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