Lead Brave Celtic Warriors Into Battle In Hail Caesar!

April 6, 2013 by brennon

The battlefields of Hail Caesar are a dangerous place and you need stern and fearless leaders to drive men into battle. That's where the new Celt Cavalry Command come in from Warlord Games.

Mounted Celt Command (Front)

Mounted Celt Command (Rear)

While most Celtic warriors could be seen riding into battle atop chariots there was always a place for the deadly thundering hooves of a cavalry charge. Even the stalwart ranks of the Roman Legion could be broken with a swift and brutal charge by howling Celtic warriors intent on shedding imperial blood.

This really is a nice little kit and I love the variety of different armour styles going on from cloth all the way up to scavenged mail and plate. I recently got my hands on a sprue of Celts and have enjoyed putting them together.

Who knows I might be starting Hail Caesar myself soon!

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