Mounted Archers and Unadorned Hoplites from Warlord

April 6, 2012 by brennon

If your looking to add to your Ancient armies then check out these latest releases from Warlord Games for Hail Caesar...

Assyrian Mounted Archers

First up are the Assyrian Mounted Archers. Grandly adorned horses with skilled warriors atop them. Perfect hit and run troops for harassing the flanks of regimented forces. Great looking models with a lot of action behind the sculpts.

Mesopotamian SlingersNext up are the Mesopotamian Slingers. These un-armoured but deadly skirmishers would be able to put a sizeable dent in the bronze armour of an oncoming warrior.

Unarmoured Hoplites

And finally is this set of Un-Armoured Hoplites. Not all warriors in the Greek States could afford bronze armour and fancy helmets. This was more likely to be the sight you saw across the battlefield. Great models which could easily be mixed in with an armoured formation for added character.

Some fantastic looking models, so which would you pick up?

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