The Neo-Hittites Join the Battles of Hail Caesar

July 26, 2012 by dracs

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Since Warlord acquired Immortal Miniatures they have been bringing us all the great miniatures they had for your historical gaming. However, now we are moving into those unreleased minis who have not yet seen the light of day. Check out these new Neo-Hittite troops.

Hail Caesar - Neo-Hittite Command

Hail Caesar - Neo-Hittite Spearmen

Hail Caesar - Neo-Hittite Archers

Hail Caesar - Neo-Hittite Spear Regiment

These will make for a great, dramatic looking force of almost Biblical proportions, ready to battle the world in Hail Caesar.

It's nice to see these new miniatures starting to make an appearance and I look forward to seeing what else might be appearing in the future.

Do you think you might start fielding a Hittite force?

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