Warlord Head Back to the Hot Gates with New Persians

March 26, 2012 by brennon

Warlord Games are continuing the release of new Persians with the most terrifying of their troops. Check out the Immortals below and quake in your sandals...

Persian Immortals Command

Persian Immortals

And if your looking for some lightning fast attackers then how about this Heavy Cavalry for the Persian army too?

Persian Heavy Cavalry

Some pretty good looking Persian troops to add to your collection. Now, with an army like this you need something to face it with so how about starting a Greek Army? With the new offers you can either start a Classical Greek State army or a Spartan army ready to hold back the Persians.

Classical Greek Hoplites

Spartan King and Bodyguard

Check out the offers and maybe consider dipping your toe into the world of Historical gaming with Warlord Games.

Are you getting shiny syndrome from these?

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